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Anshul Rustaggi Profile Photo

Anshul Rustaggi

Founder - Totality Corp

Anshul Rustaggi is the Founder of Totality Corp. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi, IIM Bangalore and LSE (London School of Economics). In addition, he is a law graduate as well from the Campus Law Centre.

Anshul is building Zionverse - a gaming metaverse based on Indian mythology - powered with playable NFTs through this current venture Totality Corp, a Web3 Gaming company.

Prior to venturing in Web3 gaming space, Anshul has been a pioneer in mobile gaming with his Mobile Gaming Premier League (MGPL) which garnered 2.2 Mn users. He, later, pivoted to an interactive video gaming platform; one more time his thought was ahead of the times. His experience with these initiatives has led him to finally arrive at the idea of building a gaming metaverse.

Anshul is passionate about building innovative gaming products, where communities can see large benefits for themselves to create thriving digital ecosystems. He is an innovative and inspiring leader and focuses on achieving fruitful results in the highly competitive gaming environment.

#018: India's Biggest Gaming Metaverse ft. Anshul Rustaggi

On this special episode, Anshul Rustaggi, talks about his love for gaming, about building zero-to-one experiences, developing games for India, challenges with India's current Web 3.0 ecosystem, and about building Zionverse - ...