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Ashish Anand Profile Photo

Ashish Anand

Founder - Bru Finance

Ashish is founder of Bru Finance, a Blockchain driven financial inclusion lending platform for farmers. Bru Finance uses an innovative financial product called "Warehouse Receipt Loan" for enhancing the income of farmers and simultaneously reducing the risk of banks.

Before pivoting to Bru Finance, Ashish was working upon CreditMart, an online lending platform for small & medium businesses.

Prior to wearing the entrepreneurial hat, Ashish, who is a qualified Chartered Accountant (CA/CPA), was a consultant advising Small & Medium Businesses in Financial Management and Debt Raising in his role as outsourced CFO.

In the Blockchain space, as co-founder of Blockchain Advisory Council LLC, Ashish has provided Business Model & Token Model advisory to several startups in Remittance, Asset Management, Logistics & GDPR verticals. Ashish is also a member of Investment Advisory Board of BullToken, Norway and sits on Advisory Board of SocialPay, USA.

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