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Dr Ravi Chamria Profile Photo

Dr Ravi Chamria

Co-founder & CEO, Zeeve

Dr Ravi Chamria is the Co-founder & CEO of Zeeve, an enterprise-grade no-code Blockchain Infrastructure Automation platform that enables easy deployment, monitoring, and management of blockchain nodes and networks.

An Executive MBA from IIM Lucknow, Ravi has over 20 years of experience in IT consulting across sectors such as Fintech, InsurTech, Supply Chain, and e-commerce. An entrepreneur at his core, Ravi has founded multiple businesses and spearheaded them to success. Some of his previous ventures include Sofocle Technologies, Prolitus Technologies, and Kamyab Infotech. He has also held the position of CTO at the New York-headquartered Fintech, Biz2Credit, wherein he led the company’s tech innovations and IT strategy.

Ravi is an early adopter and advocate of the blockchain technology and has been passionately working towards accelerating its adoption amongst enterprises and developers. He started his first blockchain venture Sofocle to build products and solutions for enterprises across industries including DeFi, BFSI, Tokenization, NFTs, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Logistics.

#021: Is this the AWS of Blockchain Infrastructure? ft. Dr. Ravi Chamria

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