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Fraser Bell Profile Photo

Fraser Bell

NFT Entrepreneur

Fraser has launched and grown startups in Retail, SaaS and Web 3.0 over the past 7 years. Most recently, he was part of the founding team at Melon.

In 2021, Melon launched its NFT marketplace and launchpad for social media creators. The product allows creators to turn their existing social media content into tradable NFTs with unlockable rewards for fans and collectors.

In May 2022, Fraser left Melon to work on new projects in the NFT space.
Currently, he's working as marketing lead for Verse (, an upcoming marketplace for contemporary artworks curated by leading experts.
He's also launching his own lifestyle brand powered by an NFT community called Oho de Condesa (

He’s passionate about bringing Web 3.0 to new audiences.

Fraser Bell: NFTs and The Creator Economy | Ep #006

In this episode we dive in to the shiny new world of NFTs and understand the creator economy with our guest star of the week, Fraser Bell. Resources: Verse: Oho De Condesa: Fraser on Twitt...