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Web3 & Financial Technology Podcast with AssetMantle

On September 13, AssetMantle's founder Deepanshu was the guest at the Metaroy podcast, the experience in its whole was polished & informative to the T. Roy did his research on AssetMantle's tech (service offerings) and had a knack for asking elaborately sophisticated questions, that imparted a wealth of knowledge to his contingent viewers. From an AssetMantle perspective will definitely be reaching out to Metaroy in the near future during important timelines for knowledge dissemination. As we share a synergy w.r.t. to our visions in educating the larger population, specifically Indian subcontinent, about web3, blockchain, InterNFTs and IBC. Honoured to be a part of this experience, thank you.

How to build Career in Web 3.0

Amazing insights were covered, learnt new things, such a valuable podcast it was.

Metaroy podcasts are helping me to formulate strategies for the future!

I've been following Metaroy for some time now. These podcasts would definitely help you in understanding Web 3. He is also helping everyone including Web 2 industry towards decentralised Web 3 in this transition . Check out his podcasts, you'll love it!

Bomb! Highly Recommended

Amazing podcast that offers good information and insights into the ecosystem of web3 and the entire crypto space. Very professional and highly recommended!

Enlightening for a Crypto Newbie like myself

Roy explains Web3 like a next-door neighbour who has the time and patience to introduce you to the upcoming world of Web3. Highly recommend. A must-listen!

Highly recommend!

I love the MetaRoy podcast for three reasons- it's crisp, it's informative, it's entertaining. Definitely a great podcast for all the crypto curious folks out there!

Fantastic podcast!

This is a must listen podcast on all things crypto and blockchain.