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Sept. 12, 2022

#022: How to Build Your Career in the Web 3.0 Space ft. Kaavya Prasad

Kaavya Prasad, Founder of Lumos Labs speaks to us about her amazing journey into Web 3.0, about her experiences with creating multi-chain developer communities, building a developer metaverse, and aiding Web 3.0 adoption among developer communities, and elevating the Web 3.0 journeys for new and experienced professionals looking to build products or migrate their careers to the Web 3.0 industry.

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Kaavya Prasad Profile Photo

Kaavya Prasad

Founder - Lumos Labs

Kaavya Prasad, Founder of Lumos Labs, an innovation management firm, is an early stage Web3 investor and an evangelist. As an early entrant into the Indian Web3 ecosystem, she has worked on several India market-entry initiatives for global blockchain companies to India. She is an LP on major crypto funds and personally has invested in several key early-stage Web3 projects. An architect by qualification, Kaavya has explored graphic design, product management and marketing sectors, she is now heading Lumos Labs as it engineers its way into a developer centric Metaverse platform focused on harnessing global Web3 opportunities into a virtual world.