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Nov. 7, 2022

Subha Chugh: Is Cryptocurrency Banned in India? | Ep #030

Subha Chugh, Legal Advisor for Polygon and 5ireChain talks to us about the legality of cryptocurrency in India, and helps us understand the challenges behind creating regulations for Crypto and Web 3.0.

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Subha Chugh Profile Photo

Subha Chugh

Web 3 Legal Professional

Subha is an extraordinary girl with extraordinary dreams.

Ever since her first year of college, she's had a particular affinity towards startups, working with some really big name companies. She finally found the perfect mix of unconventional and promising in the Web 3 space. A young lawyer, Subha was working as a Legal Counsel with Polygon even before she graduated. Currently heading everything Legal and Compliance at 5irechain.
If it's a nascent organisation and is willing to take her along its journey of exciting growth, tell her when to jump on board!